We’re almost at the middle of the year! Some will look forward and see the potential stashed away in the seven months that lie ahead, but others will look at the five months passed and be overwhelmed by how little they’ve accomplished.

Perhaps you had such a motivated two weeks in January where you felt like 2014 was going to be your year: a year where you made the changes that you’ve been dreaming about. But now, two weeks into May, you’re thinking “What have I done all year?”.

If this is you… then listen close and grab a pen…


If you want this year to finish as a success in terms of what you’d like to still achieve, then you need to plan to make your ideas a reality and you need to include the right people around you for support, skills and encouragement.

It all starts right now: setting SMART goals. I’ve broken up the word {SMART} to help you work through your planning in a way that is ‘begin-able’ (because most people never start!), sustainable and achievable.


Be specific about what you want to achieve. Don’t have a few vague, airy-fairy ideas. Take a concept or idea that inspires you, focus your passion and be particular about what needs to happen.


Document your progress along the way. Have an encouragement chart on your wall that you can look at to measure your achievements and encourage yourself and your team along the way.


Your goal should have the flexibility to accommodate any surprises in your life. Why? Because life is unpredictable. Stuff happens, but it shouldn’t stop your journey. You might get thrown off course, but then adjust your course to point back to your specifics of point one.


Are your goals achievable? Goals that are too simple, or too extreme, can demotivate you. Share your ideas with your team of encouragers and be willing to adjust them if need be. Remember, if you aim for the moon, you can only fall amongst the stars.


Have a clear understanding about what you want to do by what date. This will help you stay focussed and keep your goals sustainable.

Don’t write this year off if you’ve gotten off to a false start. If you need to, make a time in your diary to go for a walk outside in a beautiful place, or spend an hour doing something that you love to do. Spend time with the people in your life who you love and you’ll see that passion grow.

Set smart goals and that passion will become the present!