Loads of people are doing it nowadays, but not everyone understands why it’s important. Blogging is a powerful marketing tool for your business - if you want to grow and sustain online communication (and business…) with your clients and customers, then this is an elemental piece of the puzzle.

There are multiple ways to increase your online audience. Paying for advertising is one of them, but it can be costly and only goes as far as your cash does. There are more organic and long-lasting ways to increase traffic and this involves blogging, social media and search engines.

By including blogs on your site you are adding more pages for search engines to pick up on and index. You are also demonstrating that your site is staying active and updated (this encourages people, and search engines, to keep coming back and checking for new content).

Having fresh content for social media is a great way of getting exposure. Every time you write a blog post you are creating content that can be shared amongst social networks, increasing your market reach through people that know you or may already be using your product/service. The blog on your site strengthens your social media presence and the social channels lead traffic back to the website.

Writing blogs will help you establish authority in your field. By answering common queries that your customers may have you are demonstrating your value. When you are writing blogs you also need to keep up to date with the latest news and business trends, exhibiting your website as a source of pertinent information.

Blogging has compounding reciprocity. People can link to your articles, share them on social sites, maybe just talk about them at a party. All leading back to you and your business. The trick is to be patient (don’t expect immediate returns) and to keep generating appropriate content. If you blog it, they will come.

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