Cold hard cash

Debt statistics are growing – this is very likely in part to the fact that a vast majority of us today prefer credit cards over cash. The benefits of credit cards are obvious. They are more convenient and offer more security.

Cold, hard cash, however, can be the best way to organize your spending.

Here are three reasons why you should opt for using cash instead of credit cards for managing your daily budget.

1. Less likely to overspend

Healthier spending habits develop when you use cash. You become more mindful of how much each item costs that you’re putting into your basket, and you won’t want to spend all that you have. More self-control is gained, as you make less impulsive purchases of unnecessary things than you would have if you were using a credit, debit or store card.

Also, cash payments carry no interest rates that you will have to pay back later. You pay the amount on the price ticket, nothing more.

2. Become more engaged with your budget

You will become increasingly engaged with your budget when you work with cash. As compared to the possibility of inconsistent credit card interest rates, with cash you can easily track your expenditure, ATM withdrawal fees and how that favours against your income.

Budgeting and planning your expenditure can be a more enjoyable exercise when you use cash. You can easily reduce your debt too because no interest will be accumulating with every payment you make and you won’t be bleeding money on overspending.

3. Become more creative with your spending

Carrying cash can alter your financial mindset for the better. Since you’ll be limited to what you have in possession and not have the same spending power you get from credit cards, you’ll find that you will become more inventive with your spending.

The longer you challenge yourself to use cash, disciplined spending will become ingrained into your lifestyle as you’ll look for bargains, better deals and more ways to make your money go further.

Studies say that you develop an emotional attachment to items paid for with cash because you feel you made that purchase possible and it was not enabled by your creditor.

Consider the advantages of using cash before swiping your plastic. You can form a better financial identity and live without the drawbacks of credit cards when you go for cash. You can even develop a more mindful approach to your spending because your purchases will depend literally on how much you have in hand.