People like to spruce up their houses around this time of the year with festive decorations. Either to display a better facade to guests that are invited over for dinner or to simply rouse some holiday spirit. I have put together a list of ideas to establish a merry mindset in an affordable and alternative way… take a look!

A little ribbon goes a long way. Drape and fasten ribbon to banisters, windows, doors or even along the wall. This will add colour to your interior and you can also use it hang Christmas cards or ornaments. Also think about hanging ornaments from chandeliers or the ceiling if you are limited with space.

Putting Christmas baubles, pine cones and some sprigs of evergreen in a bowl or on a multi-tiered serving tray will make a quick and contemporary table setting.

When it comes to presents the wrapping paper is often thrown out and disregarded after being torn off. A popular wrapping paper alternative on the cheap is newspaper – use the black and white stuff (or if you want to add some colour then grab the comic section). Nothing says ‘I’m feeling hipster’ quite like a newsy-wrapped item!

Not too handy with a sewing machine but you have fabric scraps and off-cuts? Wrap it around your gift and tie it off with a ribbon. Plain brown paper (or Butcher Paper) is also a great replacement and with a dash of ribbon or raffia your gifts will look snazzy. Old maps and calendar pages are also viable substitutes that have a bit more personality.

Cut up old Christmas cards to make easy and quick gift tags! You can attach to them to wrapped gifts or noose them around a bottle of Merlot or bubble bath for a thoughtful gift presentation.

It may seem like a bit of a cop-out to some, but homemade “gift vouchers” offering your time and services to a relative can be invaluable. Make a booklet with redeemable coupons for babysitting, cooking meals, gardening, washing the car or (who could resist?) a good massage. These are super ideas for family gifts!

Basically, when it comes to clever wrapping, it’s all about recycling and upcycling. Cutting corners, literally, you can have fun and be super creative. Remember to put some soul into your endeavours and cherish the memories that you are creating.