This question crosses the minds of most people, just moments before they meet up for coffee with their financial adviser – and it’s a good question!

This question can be answered in so many ways… so let’s answer it with a few questions:

  • Would you service your own car?
  • Would you diagnose yourself if you were ill?
  • Would you fix your own laptop?
  • Would you represent yourself in court?
  • Would you get an unqualified person to prepare your company’s financial statements?
Okay, so you may be smiling to yourself if you answered yes to some of the questions above. If you’re a medical practitioner with a bachelor’s in commerce and economics, you grew up in a garage and you practice law from the local iStore, then there’s a good chance that you don’t need a financial adviser….

Discovery put is so eloquently: for any person who values their health, legal, business and financial affairs, the answer to the above questions would simply be no.

Likewise you shouldn’t ignore the value of sound financial advice.

A frugal financial adviser can help you to unpack the complex financial planning process by conducting a comprehensive review of your financial needs. She, or he, can further assist you to identify and articulate your life goals and create a practical plan on how to achieve these goals.

An overview of financial goals
  • Protecting your assets (household and vehicle)
  • Making sufficient provision for healthcare expenses
  • Saving for retirement
  • Saving for your child’s education
  • Preparing against the risk of death, disability and dread disease
  • Saving for special occasions, holidays or goals
No matter what stage you are in your life, you need a sound financial plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s really that simple. The sooner you can start – the better.

As an accredited, professional financial adviser I can advise and coach you to:
  • Conduct a thorough financial needs analysis
  • Recommend product solutions based on your needs
  • Set smart financial goals
  • Compile your financial plan
  • Review and monitor your financial plan every year
  • Provide you with ongoing, objective financial advice
Technology makes the speed of information nearly instantaneous. If this keeps the newsrooms and politicians on their toes, what do you think it does to the economy?

Not only do things change incredibly fast in our world, but we have far more solutions available to us, which actually become more problems if no handled correctly. The world of financial planning is incredibly complex and the market itself is very competitive with a number of technical nuances that differentiate the best product from the less good ones.

An experienced expert eye can, in many cases pick up these differences and ensure that you have the most appropriate products for your particular need. Without the proper advice, you could be severely exposed when you need the money most.

If you need to start from scratch or polish your portfolio, let’s create a plan to help achieve your financial goals and to ensure you remain focused along the way.